Heiliger Bimbam

Heiliger Bimbam

Heiliger Bimbam
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Joseph Burns built his very own functioning camera he aptly named “The Plank.” This wooden beauty that is half sculpture half camera is mounted with a salvaged lens from the The Plank: A.

Ebony RSW45 Large Format Camera

What a beautiful field camera. (Apparently – with thanks to Iain Claridge – it’s an Ebony large format camera).

Stacks of lumber drying at the Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company's mill in Ballard, circa 1919.

Cedar Mill, Seattle 1919 “The Seattle Cedar mill, located just west of the Ballard Bridge, was the largest in Ballard. At the mill, logs were cut into lumber which was then dried for at least nine months before being sold. The stacks of drying lumber

Beautiful black and white portrait photography by Daria Pitak, i love this picture because of the black and white it brings out the detail and tones on the models face, looks like a beauty dish has been used