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Lace rocks ~ put some in the fairy garden? ~ she glued cotton doilies to the rocks, but i'm thinking a can of spray paint and use the doilies as a stencil for year round fun!

Photophore galets petit modèle

DIY Stone Candle holder You will be ready to do something that will stand out in your home. I’m sure you’re loving this collection of DIY Unimaginable Stone Craft Home Decor Ideas That Will Amaze You.

A PLACE for PURPLE Passion - hand painted rock art

HOME FOR SALE - hand painted garden art

A PLACE for PURPLE Passion - hand painted rock art (MyGardenRocks on Etsy. Sold, but has many more cute painted rocks)

Painted Stones  Piedras Pintadas

These are amazing (these designs would be great examples to go by to re do my rock mirror)

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what if did mosaic w/all flat stones for cool double pattern - retrat-arte: PIEDRAS PINTADAS

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sheep created for my garden space- the rocks are if the garden doesn't do well, at least there will be something pretty there