Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light.
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Clever Frog :-)

Undo the Dry Spell: Animals 3 What's Hanging?

Natural love is present in Nature.

PERFECT SHOT An adult male Asian paradise flycatcher feeding a chick, Kallar Kahar, Pakistan

Sculpted by  Nature.

FOF 10 Things sculpted by nature

Most famous wild moments.

Image of a duck skimming the top of the water. Colorful head on the duck.

The most beautiful seen.

Abraham Hicks - Feeling Good Means You're On The Right Path

Incredible Waterfall

Desktop Wallpaper About Nature Hd Pictures 4 HD Wallpapers .

Beauty of Winter

**Halo and snow covered pine trees, Fichtelberg, Ore Mountains, Saxony, Germany.sundog from ice crystals in the sky