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a cake shaped like a pirate ship with white sails and wooden sticks sticking out of it
Piratenschiff Torte Rezept (mit Bild)
1h 45m
a cake that has been made to look like a castle with red flags on it
Leckerer Ritterburgkuchen zum Geburtstag
there are many desserts on the plate and one is made to look like antlers
Kuchenliebe verbindet | Dr. Oetker
two street signs that are next to each other in the grass with trees and bushes behind them
Roaring Dinosaur Birthday Party | Kara's Party Ideas
an arch made out of cardboard and string lights
Easy-Peasy DIY Castle Entrance
와플 성곽
a cake made to look like a castle with legos on top and toys in front
WAFFEL-BURG und weitere Rezepte für Kinder von Chefclub Kids
an image of a paper bag with a face on it and the words diy fur den rittengeburststag
Rittergeburtstag - ein Kindergeburtstag mit Drachen und Rittern
a birthday cake that looks like a blue monster laying on the ground with candles in front of it
How to Make a Dragon Cake | There's Just One Mommy
a table topped with lots of food and decorations
Ein lebhafter Drache | DIY-Projekten