10 Most Beautiful Castles around the World - Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Most Beautiful Castles - Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Would love to visit the beautiful castles in Germany.

This was a tradition where I grew up.  Every Easter, we would get apple tree branches or pussy willows and decorate them with painted Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Tree, when I was young, we had an Easter tree made of pussy willow branches. I just loved it!


Gingerbread nutcracker - Nutcracker ornaments and decor for the Nutcracker Suite collector from Christmas Traditions My daughter would love this!

I still like fondue...

Fondue Had one like this in 1972 and use to have our best friends over for Sat.~~I have my moms orange one~

Prilblume Aufkleber

Prilblume Aufkleber

In Germany, legend has it chimney sweeps bring good luck.

In Germany, legend has it chimney sweeps bring good luck. and yes this is a real picture of a chimney sweeper. He got on that roof like it was nothing and cleaned the chimney. (from previous pinner)

Lufthansa at Frankfurt ,Germany

Lufthansa massive cancellations on April 22 due to ground staff strike

German Shepherd Dog (Deutscher Schäferhund) Alsatian or just the German Shepherd originated in Germany as a herding dog and is in the herding group.They  were AKC recognized in 1908 and range in size from 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder with a long body ( generally 22-26 inches).There coats are usually tan and black, or red and black in color, is medium in length and they shed all year round. Frequent training or exercise sessions are essential for keeping its mind and body active.

German Shepard Energetic and fun-loving, the breed is very fond of children once a relationship is established. He is a loyal family pet and a good guard dog, the ideal choice for many families. He requires regular exercise and grooming.


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