DIY fabric covered cork - you could do a mixed wall of framed photos and fabric panels

Fabric covered circle bulletin boards - I will use for his art with kiddie fabrics. Corkboard trivets really inexpensive at Ikea! no link - but just used fabric and glue:)

Multi-colored crocheted doily lamp

I've noticed more and more that people get rid of doilies either by thrifting them, giving them away for free, or throwing them out. Here's a creative and unique looking idea for a light shade using doilies.

Toxic & other Science Symbols cookie cutters biscuits by Made3D

Toxic & other Science Symbols cookie cutters | biscuits cutter | death | hazardous | Toxicity | laboratory hazardous | one of a kind | ooak

Use the tourist map from the place you visited and then put the most memorable picture from the trip

Creative and Awesome Do It Yourself Project Ideas!

Map Picture Frames DIY Map Mat: using a craft knife, trim maps to cover photo mats from your favorite frames. When finished, lay the map on top of the mat (you don't even have to tape it), and cover with the glass. We used a West Elm white gallery frame.