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#Supernatural - Season 10 Episode 12

This is one of my favorite young Dean episodes. This kid is FANTASTIC at Jensen's Dean mannerisms.


“Our boys 🙈 Jared & Jensen & Misha ♥ Love these three amazing men sooo much!

It took me a second to realize this was a Supernatural post.

It took me a second to realize this was a Supernatural post.<<<lol I spotted my fandom right away


Can you gusy finish this textpost: Four score and seven years ago; Dean: “I had a funny hat.” I loe how it always ends up here. The Supernatural Fandom

This might turn into a supernatural and Sherlock board bc I'm too lazy to make a different one for spn

I know I literally just pinned a version of this... But it got better. And it needed to be shared :p

It got better. i love that the person is talking to the gifs pretty much

I just love this

very funny, but true.

First Born [gifset] - "This is, by far, the dumbest idea you've ever had!" "Yeah, well, it's early." - Dean and Crowley Supernatural

I loved this part haha

He's smooth like crunchy peanut butter. It just so happens I like crunchy peanut butter


I love it! No one beats the supernatural fandom we got a gif for everything :).<-----Well Done Pushing Daisies Fandom.I love how we make fun of each other but we all get along