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Repin let's see how many it can get..

When I watched the episode where Natsu and Gajeel fought the twin dragons and Lucy put the hand signal up, my sister and I did it out of pure instinct xD

I ship name so much that I couldn't ignore... I am a failure to the night chainmail community....

I ship nalu so much that I couldn't ignore. I am a failure to the chainmail community.<<<<<<but let's be real, who even still ships nali at this point

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My new ship( I prefer aarmau tho) Comment what their ship name should be teehee!<<<I say I named them after a yogurt for kids😂

Then I jump in, kill the tank guy, and hug the guy who said it.☺

Aphmau: listen, i know you don't remember me but Aphmau's not my real name Lucinda: ok? Aphmau: its athena. Athena Devine Phoenix, known as the light of the world, daughter of irene and the shadow lord.

My soul, its telling me.

You may NOT copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway. Do not repost/upload anywhere without my permission. Please respect my art.

I hate aarmau

Funny valentines day jokes for best friends boyfriends and girlfriends to laugh out loud and enjoy on February

Repin!!! #RememberAaron #InHonourOfAaron we love you Aaron

He made a really brave choice, to give his life to save someone.✨ In Honor Of Aaron✨