Holly Merkison
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Leaf Counting Smart Board Game - FREE

Have fun counting leaves and tickling turkeys to make them gobble in this fun, autumn-themed Smart Board game. * Be sure to check out my Kindergarten SMART BOARD Game Pack

cookie.com. 3-7 yr old games across multiple subj,,,great for the smartboard or a computer center.

great site to use on the computer or Smartboard.or your iPad! :) Doesn't look like there's an app, but you can just go to it via the internet.

Two Interactive Ten Frames for the SMART Board (FREE from HarveysHomePage.com). One frame uses two color counters. Either red or yellow is visible. and the other has one color counter which is on or off.

Two Interactive Ten Frames for the SMART Board - Year 2 - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10