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Geiko Toba reading a Book 1938

Her name is written in hiragana on the reverse. Embossed "Dentsu" in the lower right corner.

Geisha 1905

THE QUIET GEISHA -- A Moment of Day Dreams While Waiting for the Photographer

Flickr member Blue Ruin1 has checked in with an ID for this gal : ".....Her name is Otomaru 音丸.....". See Blue Ruin1's comment below, and a link she provided, which (in Japanese) describes her as a Geisha from the Shinbashi district of Tokyo. In general, the above hair-style screams TAISHO ERA (1912-26), but in fact, this style was already in vogue with many Geisha by at least 1905. When the word "GEISHA" is used, the mind automatically sees her in character, and in full dress wearing a…



Photographer unknown. There are more than enough examples of old Japanese hairstyles on my photostream --- from the earliest days of the Meiji era, through the post earthquake days of the Taisho era. I'm a "hair down" kind of guy, but when it comes to seeing it up, the above photo taken circa 1905-10 shows my favorite style of all (with apologies to Amy Winehouse for not choosing her hairstyle. I believe Amy based her own bee-hive bun on an F5 Tornado photograph) I thought that this style…

summer kimono

summer kimono

PAYSAN TATOUÉ  Japan, about 1875.   The technique of traditional Japanese tattoo has several names, irezumi or horimono.

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MAIKO WITH HER HAIR DOWN -- A Favorite Pose in Old Japan

Same Studio, Same Props, Different Kimono. But...is it the same girl, on a different day, under different lighting ? You decide : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/2571072583/


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MAIKO OR GEISHA -- Her Hair is Down, Her Heart is Free, and.... See Comment #1

This picture was taken by an unknown photographer before 1905, and was pretty beat up. But, I figured that, even in this simple pose with nothing much going on, that long hair and the look in her eyes deserved a spot on flickr.

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Tatewaku Kimono 1910s

Tatewaku Kimono 1910s

Tatewaku (rising steam) is a spring motif, symbolizing the steam rising from plants at the first spring heat. Junior geiko (geisha) Yachiyo II named after her famous predecessor at the Tondaya geisha house. This postcard is back-stamped Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.