Infographic resume. Simple, clean design. Such a creative way of presenting oneself! I like how, even though there are different fonts, it's not hard to read. It's fairly simple at the same time as its somewhat complicated. Plus the contrast of white on black instead of black on white is so cool.

Infographic Curriculum Vitae - Resume writing is critical throughout your professional life. Resumes open the door to an education, a job, and a lifestyle.

25 Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes

Resume Design: Your CV talks a lot about you and your career. So if you want to have a lucrative career, it's important to have a professional resume design.


I like the large graphic of the writer's face. I don't know if I'm bold enough to copy this directly but I like the idea of a large dark graphic lining one side of the page.

10 Curriculum Vitae creativi

10 Curriculum Vitae creativi

I design Infographic Resumes - check out my portfolio by clicking on the pic.

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