Fotowand selber machen: Ideen für eine kreative Wandgestaltung

hipster way of displaying your family photo is done easily with wooden planks, clips and couple of wires. Go rustic by hanging your washed-out or black and white pictures on a semi-clothesline.

Postkarten- & Fotohalterung fürs Home Office - coole Idee!

Inspiration only Wire grid wall. Place above a desk in a small office. Clip on notes, mementos, etc. using metal clips.

Postkarten/Foto-Aufhängung von

Postkarten/Foto-Aufhängung von

Für Postkarten

Kitchen Organizer with shutters side by side. I think I can incorporate this into a craft room. (Would do white shutters)


Lifestyle Black n' White: Mode & Einrichtung - bei Tchibo