Hufflepuff Girl

Hufflepuff Girl

Hufflepuff Girl
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Queenie: I brought someone else too. Tina and Newt: ? Jacob: *appears in the doorway* Hey guys. Everyone: *screams in delight and drops everything and get in a big group hug


Not a Hufflepuff, but I still think they're an incredibly underrated House. Though I feel like I'm half Hufflepuff (the other half being Ravenclaw).

The Marauders

Headcanon: I think that they(Marauders), didn't want to find a charm to help them get through the stairs of the girls dorms because thet have high respect for women of all ages.

this is why all slytherin ARE NOT EVIL WOULD AN EVIL HAVE A THERAPY GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO THEY WOULDN'T

Once I told my mom that I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore and she went into a big rant about how awful Slytherins were. I'm the only slytherin in my family. Everyone else in is the other houses

Because it's hard enough to be the brainy girl. But to be the brainy weird girl, find a place where even though you're rejected by some you're still the friend to be threatened with losing that.