Scheune ausbauen?!

Fireplace - Ceiling height adds a larger sense of scale & airyness which feel current space needs like the way the black on either side gives good dimension

Fliesen in der Küche

Most Imaginative Ways to Use Tiles in the Home - tidy away today

Oh how I love a wide plank wood floor, especially with a white wash layer. Great mix btw rustic and modern.

10 Bright and White Kitchens

Bright, monochrome, Scandinavian kitchen with whitewashed walls, rustic wood floors, and black accents

Fliesen Sie Dekor - Fliesen für Küche/Bad wieder Splash - Boden Aufkleber - Hand Painted italienischen Chiave Vinyl Fliesen Sticker Pack Farbe Teal & Creme

Tile Decals - Tiles for Kitchen/Bathroom Back splash - Floor decals - Hand Painted Italian Chiave Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack color Teal & Cream