St. Martins-Fest: Eine Schaf-Laterne für den Umzug |

St. Martins-Fest: Eine Schaf-Laterne für den Umzug

This might be a better idea than the frozen water method - perhaps a curve to the board would help too?

DIY PROJECT:COFFEE CAN LANTERNS - Instead of setting them up with clamps and wood and stuff I have seen the same thing done where you just fill the can with water and freeze. Which means you then have a good sturdy surface to hammer the designs into.

Leuk voor een kinderpartijtje. Eerst een eitje, dan versieren, kaarsje erin et voila!

Awesome Easter Egg Bug craft to do with the kids! Great for a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt! You can also use a small glow stick for the light inside. Fire Flies that light up DIY Fireflies

Chinese paper lanterns - So cute!  Fishies, come live at my house please. #stylecure

lantern brights - sometimes paint colors need to be fun! I often tell clients it's cheaper to paint a girls room & keep the bedding in classic styles that will grow with her

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DIY Plastic Bottle Snowdrops I think we Dutchies can use these as lantarn for 11 November? Just adding the Stalk of the Flower together with our Lantarnlight and making an extra hole for the little lamp. Forvme a must try, the kids will love it!