Shopper aus Fahrradschlauch

The shopper from bicycle tube is well on its way! He tweaks and not presses, such as at shoppers!

Keychain made of bicycle tube - Schlüsselanhänger aus Fahrradschlauch

Items similar to Pouch made from upcycled bike inner tubes and leather scraps on Etsy

Super cute ginko leaf earrings, right? They're made from recycled bicycle inner-tube! It's easy to keep rubber from the landfill when it can dangle so delicately from your ears.

Brillen.Schlauch, Upcycling aus Motorradschlauch

Brillenetuis - Brillen-Schlauch aus Motorradschlauch - ein Designerstück von KWD bei DaWanda

upcycling ideen zahnraeder fahrrad kerzenstaender basteln