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Naruto's Next generation: the second verse is the same as the first, but a little bit gentler and the roles are reversed<<<right on the dot kakashi

jsajsja have a nice Valentine's day this Sunday !! Hope you like <3! I will spend my Valentine's day with my art stuff and my dog XDDD

Akatsuki holiday games, Konan ships the members in her cult-Sasori x Deidara, Kakuzu x Hidan (wait what about Zetsu and Tobi and Kisame and Itachi?), this is Hilarious

Akatsuki meeting by Kosetsu on DeviantArt

drawing this one was so much fun! finally a akatsuki comic again! yeah, i believe in this theory: tobi wears a mask to look like a lolly-pop; so zetsu dosen& want to eat him! yeah, and kon.