Schnittmuster für Hunde

Nähen und Schnittmuster für Hunde, Hundezubehör, Nähanleitungen und Tutorials, für den Hund, Hundemode
83 Pins
three dogs wearing sweaters and standing next to each other in front of a white background
Hundepullover Schnittmuster GLENNAN XS-XXL Rücken 25-85 cm. -
a black dog wearing a yellow bow tie next to an image of a woman and sunglasses
Summer scarf for dogs & scarf or hair band for mistresses. Pattern SOSCHA. PDF
there are pictures of dogs and their owners on this book cover that is made out of burlap
Cover EU pet passport Pattern CAIRDE, webware, with interchangeable picture frame. PDF
a black dog wearing a sweater and mittens sitting in the grass next to a fence
Supplementary set for dog coat pattern PELERIN, sizes XS-XXL. Pdf
an image of a black dog wearing a sweater
two dogs wearing coats in the grass
an ad for bandana dog collars with pictures of dogs wearing bandanas
the instructions for making an adorable dog bone set
an image of a dog bone with flowers on it