An Underwater Waterfall? What you’re witnessing, that looks like an underwater waterfall, is actually sand from the shores of Mauritius being driven via ocean currents off of that high, coastal shelf, and down into the darker ocean depths off the southern

Banyan Tree Corniche Bay via Fancy

A beautiful project in Mauritius, Banyan Tree Corniche Bay affords a spectacular view whilst expertly utilising the natural light.

Long Beach Hotel, Mauritius

Genius in the water pool beds! Long Beach Hotel in Mauritius by Keith Interior Design and Stauch Vorster Architects. architecture-and-homes

Le Victoria Hotel, Mauritius

La Casa is a romantic Italian restaurant open 6 days a week at Le Victoria, Mauritius offering panoramic views of Port-Louis

L'Ilot Villa, Mauritius

Sea The Sand Beach beach :) South Male Atoll, Maldives beach with swing.heavenly of Sally Lee by the Sea maldives

Banyan Tree Corniche Bay, Mauritius

Foster + Partners Design Undulating Eco Villas for Mauritius Corniche Bay Eco-Friendly Residences – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Long Beach Hotel, Mauritius

View videos of Long Beach Mauritius. Discover one of the longest beaches on the east coast of Mauritius and your future holiday destination.

Long Beach Hotel, Mauritius

Keith Interior Design and Stauch Vorster Architects collaborated in designing the Long Beach Hotel in Mauritius. Putting aside the fantastic Mauritius Island, there are numerous features that make this a dream destination. Drift wood was combined with gre