Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations

Garden markers add personality to a garden and help you remember which row is tomatoes and which is peppers. Gather (or purchase) river rocks, some paint markers (pick up Sharpie brand at The Home Depot) and create these cute river rock plant markers.

Amazing tree house bunk beds.. so cute for little ones and no one is on the ceiling.

Kids Treehouse Bedroom Bunkbed in Natural Wood. A fabulously fun treehouse that you can sleep in! The ultimate unique Bunkbed experience!

Aussaatkalender 2016: Was müssen Sie wann pflanzen?

Aussaatkalender 2017: Was müssen Sie wann pflanzen?

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Wassermelone mit Delfinen aus Bananen

Banana Dolphin Fruit Platter Is Perfect For Parties -You will never lo at a Banana the same way. From Platters to Parfaits, these easy ideas will take your Party to the next level!


If you love DIY projects and LEGOs then this is the perfect thing for you! Check out this DIY LEGO key hanger by Felix Grauer!


Concrete hands cup a plant. diy concrete hands planter using cement and old rubber gloves.

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