Adventure stories

Embark on thrilling adventures and explore new worlds through these captivating adventure stories. Find inspiration and let your imagination run wild with these top ideas for your next reading journey.
Larson, Hope  Knife’s Edge (Sequel to Compass South) by Hope Larson,  50 pgs. Penguin Random House, 2017.  $20. Language: G (1 swear: 1C)... Books, Novels, Book 1, Hardcover, Graphic Novel, Set Sail, Her Brother, Family Heirloom, Train To San Francisco

Larson, Hope Knife’s Edge (Sequel to Compass South) by Hope Larson, 50 pgs. Penguin Random House, 2017. $20. Language: G (1 swear: 1C); Mature Content: G (kissing); Violence: PG (bar scenes, whipping). MS -OPTIONAL The twins Cleo and Alexander have found a ship and captain to help them seek out their family treasure. But pirate Felix Worley is on their trail and determined to wrest the keys to the treasure’s location away from them. In the meantime, they take care of their sick father and…

Cindy Mitchell