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Explore a whimsical world of steampunk with Alice in Wonderland as your muse. Discover top ideas to infuse your style with Victorian charm and fantastical elements.
DIY Alice in Wonderland Steampunk White Rabbit Mask Tutorial. Not sure that I'd ever wear it, but damn it looks cool. Larp, Costumes, Home-made Halloween, Steampunk, Wonderland, Gothic, Mascara, Halloween, Alice In Wonderland

If you've noticed my lack of craft posts the past few months, it's because all my crafting energy has been going into my next cosplay - which is fun, but also saps my creative mojo, so to speak. I'm looking forward to finishing just so I can get back to smaller, immediate-gratification projects! Sadly I'm nowhere near the finish line yet, but I think the most important part - my mask - is finally finished enough to show off. As most of you guessed from my sneak peek ages ago, I'm working on…

Kait Morgan
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Description Designed: May 2012 Pimped Disney's Alice in Wonderland Blue Version (Original) COMMISSION Please note me if you want to commission, too! This version's ability: Water Magic. She can let it rain and create fountains.