Aquafaba recipes

Discover a variety of tasty and creative aquafaba recipes that are perfect for vegan cooking. Try these innovative dishes and elevate your plant-based culinary skills.
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Save that bean brine the next time you use chickpeas and make these fantastic aquafaba recipes! Find over 30 easy sweet and savory ways to use this ingredient. The following recipe for baked avocado fries makes for an easy and crowd-pleasing side the whole family will enjoy!

Moriah Miracle
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We're obsessed with aquafaba. In case you haven't already heard, aquafaba is the water you find in a can of chickpeas. This liquid happens to have magical properties — as in, it can be whipped like egg whites. We've already written about all the different ways you can use aquafaba. Here are some of the most popular aquafaba recipes on Pinterest. And excuse me if I'm still a little starry-eyed about this phenom, but can you believe we used to just throw away this bean juice?

Stina Enlund