Art nouveau jewelry necklace

Enhance your style with an elegant art nouveau jewelry necklace. Discover exquisite designs that capture the essence of the art movement and add a touch of timeless beauty to your outfits.
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Very beautiful French Art Nouveau gold necklace set with a central faceted amethyst stone attributed to Henri-Victor Miault. Crafted in the form of a cluster of downward pointlng slender bell-shaped flowers on long sweeping stems fashioned in gold wirework. Suspended at each side below a pair of side attachments formed as single flowers. A little... View Article

Christine Weber
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This medieval necklace style is inspired from art nouveau ; it has manies inpiration from celtic to efique jewelry and will please people who are fan of antique jewelry. This necklace like all my jewelry is cover up with a thick layer of 22k gold hypoallergenic. It is very original, drawn and made by the artist. A perfect blend of past and present, it is a one-of-a-kind jewel which will pass the test of time. A ideal present for birthday(anniversary), Mother's Days, mediaval wedding…

Llama Glama
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Art Nouveau "The roots of Art Nouveau are as convoluted as the meandering line it worshiped. It was short-lived, in jewelry lasting only from about 1895 to 1910. In the last years of the nineteenth century critics were unanimous in attributing the start of the jewel revolution to the renewed study of plants and their application to decorative design from the middle of the century. Nature, and its associations of femininity and fertility, is the dominant theme of Art Nouveau jewelry, but…

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