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They Made This invited me to take part in a wonderful charity project called TOTEM. Alongside a group of fantastic artists I was asked to create a peace totem that would be raffled off for Amnesty International. I ended up creating 3 totems called Peace, Love & Joy. To be in with a chance of winning one of my 3 Totems for the super sum of £5!! you can ENTER THE RAFFLE HERE . The totems will be on display at, The reception in Amnesty International HQ at 17 - 25 Inn Yard Shoreditch…

Fluorescent Cacti and Leaf Sculptures by Nobel Truong | Colossal Contemporary Art, Batu, Neon, Bauhaus, Cactus, Street Art, Installation Art, Light Art, Garten

LA-based industrial designer Nobel Truong has created an extensive line of acrylic plant objects including translucent cacti, lamps, leaves, and other accessories. From her artist statement: Inspired by Bauhaus architecture and the Memphis Group, the Truong’s collection aims to cast a postmodern take on everyday household objects while incorporating the structural forms of modern architecture. Every piece is designed, engineered, and produced in California. You can see much more on Instagram…

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With creative ideas and a little bit of imagination, what seems to be, a dull and casual environment can become cool and whimsical. And if someone ever called you out for seeing a happy electrical socket or a sad faucet, remember that you are not out of step with the real world - you just have a vivid imagination that helps you capture the fun around you!

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