Art on wood

Discover the beauty of art on wood with these unique ideas. Add a rustic and natural touch to your space with captivating pieces that showcase the beauty of wood.
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If you want to learn all the ways we transfer designs to wood, check out The Wood Burn Book by Rachel Strauss. To get started with a design, grab one of our free templates , check out our template books or visit the templates store !

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We have always stood by the words that Mother Nature is an artist to beat all artists but here contributions to art do not end there. She not only does good work, but she also inspires others to take a page from her book and create lovely art. That is why it should not surprise you too much to know that there is an art form (one of the many that do) that draws its inspiration from her work and that it is called tree art. While this is completely different from other tree based art forms like…

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My name is Anna, I'm a forest lover, artist, jewelry maker, graduate forestry. My adventure with painting on wood started after college, while I was working in the woods. Then I decided to combine artistic passion with this wonderful, natural material. Recently I started to design unique forest jewelry.

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