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Explore the world of art photography and learn how to capture stunning moments on camera. Discover unique ideas and techniques to enhance your photography skills and create breathtaking images.
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From film, to music to photography diverse art and artists have the ability to breath new life into every medium - this is evident when viewing the entries for the Sony World Photography Awards, "the most celebrated and diverse photography competitions in the world."

Patriss Patriss
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Photography has many tips and tricks of the trade used both by amateurs and famous photographers - the many uses of light, perspective, darkness, exposure, and many other bits are what makes beautiful pictures. All of that wouldn't come to one unified look without shadows though as they are what gives the image depth or in some cases, changes the view entirely. Also, they're free, they're everywhere, and there's no limit to what you can do with them if you have the know-how.

Carson Cryar
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Hot Shot - portrait of a model with red lips drinking Chanel No 5 perfume The artwork is signed and made by the artist in a strictly limited edition of 25 Bigger size/ high-end frame available on collectors request. PREISS FINE ARTS is one of the world’s leading galleries for fine art photography representing the most famous contemporary artists. Pop, glamour and endless summer - Tony Kellys artworks are subversive and fun at the same time. The artist plays with humour and provocation…

Hegyi Viki