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If you don’t live in New York, or in a city big enough to have a real New York style bagel shop…  then please try these bagels!   Though they are a bit more involved than my other bagels, they are not difficult at all… and they are so worth the extra time and effort!...Read More » Biscuits, Desserts, Bagel, Muffin, Dessert, Snacks, Brunch, Bagel Recipe Bread Machine, Bagel Recipe Without Yeast

Yep, I said Perfect New York Style Bagels… and I do mean perfect!! These were my second attempt at homemade bagels. The first was a much simpler recipe, and turned out great bagels. This recipe though, is a perfect copycat of my favorite New York Style bagel shop bagels! I’m sure I will be making...Read More »

Emily Goldman
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When I was growing up, New York City bagels were a “thing.” You just couldn’t get anything even approximating one once you left the boundaries of the city. People continue to act like they’re still a thing, but by now Noah’s and Einstein’s and similar chains have made their way across the country, and while they’re not anywhere...


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