Black metal

Discover modern and stylish black metal decor ideas to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Explore unique ways to incorporate this trend into your interior design and create a sleek and contemporary look.
Total Thrash & Whiplash: A sick collection of heavy & black metal fanzines from around the globe | Dangerous Minds Black Metal, Goth Outfit Ideas, Metal Drawing, Horror Font, Punk Poster, Satanic Art, Extreme Metal, Metal Albums, Heavy Metal Music

The cover of Finnish black metal fanzine Hammer of Damnation, February 1993. Read it in its entirety here. After being inspired by coming across the cover of a 1986 edition of Danish metal fanzine Metallic Beast, I went on a long vision quest in search of other fanzines in the black metal and heavy metal arena. Fanzines were the custodians and keepers of artifacts produced by counter-culture heroes and artists on the fringe before the Internet showed up. Bands would often create their own…