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Blossom --- is known for being the smartest one, as well as being the self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Her personality ingredient is "everything nice", her signature color is pink, and she has long fiery red hair with a red bow.[19] She was named for having spoken freely and honestly to the Professor shortly after her creation. She is often seen as the most mature, level-headed, and composed member of the group, although she can at times be fussy, overbearing, petty, and too analyt Powerpuff Girls Characters, Cartoon Characters, Cartoon Art, Red Head Halloween Costumes, Last Minute Halloween Costumes, Halloween Ideas, Blossom Costumes, Super Nana, Powerpuff Girls Wallpaper

Blossom is the first of the three main protagonists of The Powerpuff Girls. She is voiced by Cathy Cavadini in the original series and Amanda Leighton in the 2016 reboot. Born: 1961 Age: 5 Allies: Bubbles (sister and best friend), Buttercup (sometimes), Professor Utonium (father), Ms. Keane, The Mayor of Townsville, Talking Dog, Ms. Sara Bellum, Mike Believe Rivals: Buttercup (sometimes), Brick (counterpart), MoJo JoJo, Boomer, Butch Enemies: HIM, Fuzzy, Princess (formerly), Sedusa, Ace, Big…

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If you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle, big lights and neon signs, then head down to the Shinjuku Gyoen. This enormous urban oasis is located only 10 minutes away from Shinjuku station. Since it was initially built as an Imperial Garden, the landscaping is far superior to any public park

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