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Get to know the most popular Bollywood stars and their iconic performances. Discover the magic of Indian cinema and be captivated by the talent, beauty, and charisma of these Bollywood icons.
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Salman Khan just shared a picture on Instagram that went viral because of his 'gigantic' traps and well-developed upper back. Before we get into details, take a look at the post here.Traps are those underrated muscles that don't get as much footage as biceps or abs, but are extremely important when it comes to overall strength, as well as a muscular appearance. Trapezius muscles, commonly called 'Traps', are one of the most important muscles when it comes to your upper back/shoulders. ©…

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Well, things don’t turn rosy overnight for anyone and that goes for Bollywood actors as well. Before they turned into ‘stars’, some of them have had their own share of advertisement and modelling stints. After [...]

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