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Yesterday Google announced big changes for the company. Since Google is one of the best known brands in the world, this change has caused a bit of an uproar. People are used to the way things were. Things are different now. These changes not only include leadership roles, but also in the rearrangement of architecture for Google and it’s brands. As Google has grown, they’re... Read More

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Contour is specialized in architecture, design, and construction in Armenia. There are not too many local companies, which offer design, architecture, and construction services at the same time. So, the company itself has taken on significant responsibility. Three important branches - very similar and very different from each other, carried out by the same organization.

Isi Canales
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Silver Arch Property Group is a new property investment and development company who source property to refurbish or invest in. They needed a logo and brand for their company to reflect their extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry and to enable them to give their clients a more personal touch than other major…