British christmas

Explore the rich and unique traditions of a British Christmas. Discover top ideas to celebrate the holiday season with a touch of British charm.
Wrap fun size sweets for the tree instead of cheap nasty tree chocolates Chocolates, Traditional, Noel, Jul, Bonbon, Art For Kids, Kenzo, Xmas, Quality Street

A big tin of it. A Christmas tradition of my childhood. Now buying this tin and opening it the wafted aroma brings an almost unbearable Proustian moment. These are the sweets that shaped a generation of Britons. This humble tin teaches principles of rationing, sharing and judgement while also introducing subtler aspects of the pleasure/pain balance (toffee penny, anyone?). But wait! they have changed the packaging. What happened to that caramel one with the star on its wrapper? Good to see…

Helen England
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Hello everyone, I prepared a cozy English Afternoon Tea for you to enjoy in our library. Biscuits,sugar cookies,haystacks and sticky date pudding for you. Tea with the glow of twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. I love this teapot with the English cottage on it. The curtains and the tablecloth look like English chintz. The tree and the fireplace add a cozy Englisg charm for me. I hope you have some time to enjoy a cozy English Afternoon Tea by the fire today! Today is Winter Solstice and…

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