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Explore the world of horsemanship with Buck Brannaman, renowned horse trainer and inspiration behind the movie 'The Horse Whisperer'. Learn from the master and develop a deeper connection with your horse.
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Country music played over the intercom as I entered the crowded arena at the National Equestrian Center. At least two dozen people donning chaps and cowboy hats were guiding their horses dressed in western tack in small circles, waving brightly colored flags around like orchestra conductors. “I am totally out of place,” I thought as I […]

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Buck Brannaman is one of the world’s leading horse trainers. He travels throughout the United States and abroad teaching clinics. Buck works to build a safe and secure partnership between both horse and rider. His methods are gentle and stress-free. This cowboy is a skilled rider, dedicated trainer, and passionate horse lover. His life lessons […]

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(All attempts at explaining what I learned at the Buck clinic are just that... I might "mis-speak". The best thing is to attend a Buck clinic ;) I've really been pondering what I learned at the Buck clinic. And I think this year I have really focused on the word "Balance". In my opinion, this is what riding is really all about. And it isn't just about the rider, it is also about the horse. A balanced horse has an engaged hind end. For the hind end to engage, the withers must rise. When this…

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With Buck Brannaman It seems simple enough: bridling your horse. But for any of us who have inherited a bridling problem with a new horse, or created a bridling problem with our own horse, we know that there are numerous ways to fail our horses when it comes time to put the bridle on. At his...

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Story and photos by Emily Kitching, This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.2 The analogy of the dance is one that is commonly used to describe the movement in partnership and rhythm between horse and rider. It is an ideal that is worth trying to achieve because it connotes beauty, good timing and...

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With Buck Brannaman This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.27 I learned this exercise by watching people get taken advantage of by horses. This is the exact opposite of what horses typically train you to do; they gradually advance toward you all the time and you end up back pedaling to avoid getting...