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Calvin and Hobbes

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15 Times Calvin And Hobbes Spoke Nothing But The Truth About Life

Calvin and Hobbes: giving reality check since 1985.

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My Favorite Part Of Winter - LolSnaps

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for June 23, 1989 | GoComics.com

Calvin: I cleaned my stupid room! Can I go outside now?! Mom: That didn't take youbery long. Let's see what kind of job you did. Calvin: I did a great job! See? Can I go now? Mom: Your room looks good. Now did you straighten up your closet like I asked you to? Calvin: Aaugh! Don't open thaa... Mom: Back to work, kiddo. Calvin: You made this mess! You clean it up!

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Hobbes and Bacon #2 | Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for December 15, 1992 | GoComics.com

Calvin: Dad, I'd like to have a little talk. Dad: Um, ok... Calvin: As the wage earner here, it's your responsibility to show some consumer confidence and start buying things that will get the economy going and create profits and employment. Here's a list of some big-ticket items I'd like for Christmas. I hope I can trust you to do what's right for our country. Dad: I've got to stop leaving the Wall Street Journal around.

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for June 17, 1989 | GoComics.com

Calvin: Oh, no! Calvin has turned into one of his own childhood drawings! His anatomical references being obscure at best, Calvin finds it difficult to move! Are these lower appendages feet or wheels? His own mom thinks he's some kind of helicopter! If only Calvin had learned to draw better! No one understands my work. Mom: That's what all artists say.

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for September 28, 2014 | GoComics.com

Calvin: "Buttons....check. Dials....check. Switches...check. Little colored lights...check" Calvin: "Calvin, the airline pilot, is tenth in line for takeoff. His patience is at an end!" Calvin: "Ignoring the control tower's protests, Calvin guns the engines and passes the other planes, cutting across less crowded runways!" Calvin: "Rounding a corner, he opens the throttle! Stewardesses explaining the aircrafts safety features are hurled to the rear of the plane by the sudden acceleration!" Calvin: "All the other planets watch with envy as Calvin takes off ahead of schedule!" Calvin: "But what's this?! Another plane had already received clearance to land! It's headed for the same runway!" Calvin: "It looks like a mid-air collision over a crowded super highway at rush hour! Oh, what a price to pay for his hurry!" Mom: "I'm back! thanks for waiting so patiently" Calvin: "I could wait even longer if you'd buy me a third plane"

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