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Canning Cherry Pie Filling

Cherry Pie Filling Recipe for Canning

13 ingredients

  • 6 qt Cherries
  • 1 Cherry pitter
  • 1/2 cup Lemon juice
Baking & Spices
  • 2 tsp Almond extract
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 7 cups Sugar
  • 9 1/3 cups Water
  • 1 Water bath canner
Tools & Equipment
  • 1 Canning jars
  • Ladle and bubble tool
  • Canning funnel, lid lifter, and jar lifter
  • 1 3/4 cups Clear jel
  • Large pot
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Oven Dry Canning 101 • New Life On A Homestead

What dry oven canning is, why it's safer than traditional canning, which foods you can and cannot dry can, and a whole lot more.

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Canning Butternut

With a plentiful harvest of butternut squash I decided to allow some to remain in storage in the pantry for baking and to can some for convenience in making pies. The Ball Blue Book does not give instructions for canning winter squash or pumpkin but you can find instructions at National Center For Home Food Preservation. First of all wash and heat jars and set aside. Place lids in warm water to heat. Also place large pot of water to boil for pouring over the squash and place several inches of water in the bottom of your pressure canner (according to manufacturers instructions) and heat up. You start with cutting your squash in half and removing the seeds with a spoon. I keep the seeds for planting next years crop and roast the rest for my family as a snack. Then I cut the halves in half again for easier peeling. Then I peel my squash removing that hard outer peeling. Once peeled I cut the squash into 1 inch pieces. Place pieces into hot quart jars leaving 1 inch headspace Pour boiling water over squash pieces again leaving 1 inch headspace. Use plastic wand to remove air bubbles from jar. Wipe rims to remove any food particles or residue. Apply warm lids and rings and finger tighten only. Place jars in pressure canner and process at 10 pounds pressure for 1 hour and 30 minutes for quarts and 55 minutes for pints. Allow canner to cool and pressure gauge to return to zero. Remove from canner and allow to cool overnight and seal. Any unsealed jars need to be refrigerated. I wipe all my sealed jars down with a warm soapy wash cloth and then dry and label before putting in pantry to store. Another 14 jars for the pantry. Blessings from The Holler The Canned Quilter

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Favorite Basic Canning Supplies for Beginners

Interested in canning? This list of the best basic canning supplies will have you canning in no time!

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Easy Pickled Banana Peppers

My family loves banana peppers on our pizza, salads, and even sandwiches. This is how you properly pickle banana peppers, so you can enjoy

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How to Can Cabbage

How to Can Cabbage : I have so much cabbage this year, I am canning it in batches. So far I have done 2 different recipes for cabbage; cabbage carrot coleslaw and cabbage sauerkraut.

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Pickled Peppers

Pickled Sweet Peppers are simple to make and so flavorful. Pickling Peppers is easy to do simple ingredients. Best Pickled Peppers recipe.

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Once a Month Meals: Home Canning Schedule • Homestead Lady

Here's a schedule for Once a Month Meals - the Home Canning version! 12 store-bought items you will can at home this year. One food each month. No stress.

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Home Canning Recipes; Beginner friendly, complete / Simply Canning

Home Canning Recipes, Simply Canning Beginner friendly site with tips, video and helps.

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Canning Hamburger Patties and Meatballs

Canning Hamburger Patties and Meatballs We have always done alot of canning with our vegetables, but as things began to look worse for the financial state of the Country, we decided it was time to re-think our habit of keeping our meats in the freezer. We decided to begin experimenting with pressure canning our meats. We had always made our own spaghetti sauce, so it was a no brainer to get started on the easy stuff - just plain hamburger meat, chunks of chicken breasts, and pork roasts. We had such good success with that and we used it so often, that we had to continuously to replenish our supplies. So, there was nothing else to do but begin thinking of other things we could put in the jar. I started with chili and it turned out wonderfully and it just took off from there. We have put barbecue pork, pork chops, pork loins, meatloaf, chili (which I mentioned earlier), bacon, sausage and now hamburger patties and meatballs successfully into jars. Friends call alot to ask how do I can this or how do I put this up. I decided that in an effort to get information about how easy it is to can meats, I would write this blog. I am not a writer, so don't expect it to be the best, but it will hopefully help some people. Meatballs We used approximately 5 lbs. of ground beef. This amount of meat yielded 4 quarts. Mix it using any meatball recipe you like. We made ours for spaghetti sauce. You will need to use wide mouth jars. On this try, we did not brown them before putting them in the jar. We put around 20 meatballs into each quart jar. We processed them at 10 lbs. for 90 minutes. When they were done, it appeared some of them had stuck together. When I took them out of the jar, most of them separated and the ones that didn't pulled apart easily. They were a complete success. Even though the jars were full when we packed the meatballs in, after processing the jars were only 1/2 to 3/4 full. They had really cooked down. On our next try we are going to brown them first, then put them into the jars under a hot pack method. I will post how they turn out. Hamburger Patties We used approximately 5 lbs. of ground beef. This amount of meat yielded 4 quarts. Mix the ground beef with whatever kind of seasoning you would use to make regular hamburger patties. You will need to use wide mouth jars and parchment paper. On this try, we did not brown the patties before putting them in the jars. We placed a square of parchment paper between each pattie in the jar. This was so they would not stick together. We were able to put 7 patties into each quart jar. We processed them at 10 lbs. for 90 minutes (the recommended time for hamburger). This was a complete success. The patties came out nicely done and separated easily. Even though the jars were full before processing, they were only approximately 3/4 full afterwards. On our next try, we are going to sear them prior to putting them in the jar and use a hot pack method. Again, I will probably use the parchment paper (or brown paper) to keep them from sticking together. I have uploaded some pictures below to show the results.  Be sure to check back for updates! Thanks for visiting. 

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