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Filipino Pancit Canton or stir-fried noodles are flour stick noodles cooked in a broth with lots of veggies, meat, and other ingredients. It’s very similar to Chinese Lo Mein (‘mein’ meaning noodles) since noodles were first introduced by Chinese merchants in the country. This vegan pancit recipe is packed with vegetables and soy chunks.

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The Canton Tower (also know as Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower), the landmark of Guangzhou City, is one of the world’s most spectacular new buildings. It serves not only as a popular tourist destination but also as an intensive facility for radio and television transmission.

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Lucky Me!-Style Chilimansi Instant Pancit Canton Noodles - The Foodie Takes Flight Sauces, Healthy Recipes, Outfits, Rice, Eye Make Up, Ideas, Noodle Recipes, Noodles, Ramen Noodles

These Vegan Lucky Me!-Style Chilimansi Instant Pancit Canton Noodles are simply instant ramen noodles cooked down and then coated in a savoury, spicy, slightly sweet sauce with that nice kick of acidity and tang from the calamansi juice (can also be subbed with lemon). This recipe is my take and a healthier version of the Filipino favourite: Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, that’s the #1 brand of instant noodles in the Philippines.I served mine with some fried extra firm tofu or tokwa and a generous…

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