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375 King Height  Collector Edition Premium Wooden Staunton Chessmen Chess Pieces Figure Figurine * Read more reviews of the product by visiting the link on the image. Wood Chess Set, Wooden Chess Pieces, Wooden Chess Board, Chess Table, Chess Sets, Grandmaster Chess, Giant Chess, Crafty Hobbies, Chess Club

To safekeep these delegate collectibles, These 32 handcrafted pieces now comes in a attractive Velvet Bag. Please refer photos of the Bag. This set now comes with 2 extra queens (one of each color). Please refer photos. King is 3.75 Inch Height and Other pieces are in proportion to Kings. Pieces are handmade on Premium Indian Woods. Base of the Pieces is of 1.25" diameter which is suitable for 1.25" to 1.5" Square (From 14" to 16" Chess Board Size) or larger chess sets. You can combine this…

Ngọc Lam
Hurba'n | Chessmen (32) | Hungarian (Kolozvar) (now Rumania) | The Met Black Castle, Maker Culture, Chessmen, Black King, Deva, Johannes, Polychrome, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Art History

Signature: Carved on base of each: HURBA'NInscription: All of the pieces except the queens are inscribed, as follows:White king: MAGYAR HON [the Hungarian homeland]Bishops: NEM NEM SOHA [no, no, never]Knights: ERDELYT? SOHA, SOHA [Transylvania? no, never]; ERDELYT NEM ADJUK SOHA [Transylvania we never surrender]Rooks: POZSONY, TEMESVAR, SZABADKA, NAGYVA'RAD; ARAD, KASSA, ZOMBOR, KOLOSVA'R [Names of towns situated within the borders of Hungary before the Treaty]Pawns, peasants kneeling and…

Emily Allred