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Today’s featured jewelry collector is Kaisa of Charm Nerd. Like her Instagram handle suggests, she's charm obsessed and has a really cool charm collection, along with some other amazing pieces of fine jewelry. Let’s hear more about her collection and how it came to be: "I have been hard core collecting for 3.5-4 years, but

Laura Boel Worm
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The collecting of anonymous objects — and the subsequent use of those objects in creating a perfectly styled interior — has become such a staple of modern life that it’s hard to remember a time when not everyone loaded up their vans twice a year at places like Brimfield. But Franco Clivio, a former industrial designer and a lecturer at Zurich’s Schule für Gestaltung, has been amassing such objects for more than four decades. His collection — which numbers into the thousands — is on view…

Hernâni Silva
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1. When Howard Hughes built the biggest plane in history (out of wood) Hughes’ H-4 Spruce Goose Because of wartime rationing on strategic materials such as aluminum, the plane was built almost entirely out of wood. A skeptical press dubbed it “The Spruce Goose.” Hughes hated the nickname. He felt it was an insult to…

Misselthwaite Manor

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