Enhance your communication skills with these clever comebacks that will help you win any argument. Learn how to respond intelligently and confidently in any situation.
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Online dating is wild. You swipe through a catalog of profiles that people (who you probably have never met) purposefully made for themselves to appear funny, smart, creative, confident, kind, positive, ambitious, well-read in the classics (but not so much that it would make them a snob), and, of course, attractive, all for the sole purpose of catching your attention and try to find someone who you could like in real life and would also fall for your 'advertisement.'

Debra Stephens
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When you find the perfect place to live, you probably spend ages wandering around the house or the apartment, checking out all of the little details that you’ve fallen in love with.However, do you ever think about the people who live next door, above you, or even underneath you? There’s a high chance that you don’t because you’re just so distracted. We have a feeling that these people wish they had done a little more research into the people they later got to call their neighbors…