Explore the beauty and versatility of copper in home decor. Discover how to incorporate this stunning metal into your space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
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Copper Bathroom Sinks Copper Sinks from Rustic Sinks are finished with a patina that is “fired” in the material and gives them a weathered or “aged” appearance. If you scrub and polish-or use acid-based or abrasive products on them, it will damage the patina finish. Just rinse your sink with water after each use, give

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Oxidised Copper | Cladding | Indigenous I LOVE copper! Don't know what I would do with this. Maybe serve food on? Is that safe? Maybe under a pretty! Copper Splashback, Copper Tiles, Copper Art, Copper Wood, Copper Backsplash, Copper Design, Aged Copper, Green Copper, Backsplash Ideas

Oxidation occurs on copper as a result of exposure to air, water (especially salt water), heat and acidic compounds. It produces a wonderful verdigris colour - a blue to green mix that is visually stunning. Copper oxidation solidly adheres to the metal's surface, does not flake, and prevents further oxygen exposure and corrosion by forming a protective layer. Our oxidised copper cladding can create a fabulous feature wall, bringing warmth, texture and colour to the chosen interior space. Why…

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