Cubist sculpture

Explore the world of cubist sculpture and discover captivating ideas to enhance your modern art collection. Add a touch of abstract beauty to your home or office with these stunning sculptures.
Koji Takei - Guitar #4 | Welded Art, Sculptures, Metal Art, Metal, Guitar Art, Cardboard Art Sculpture, Cardboard Sculpture, Cardboard Art, Instruments Art

About Koji Takei has always been fascinated with the idea of elevating the mundane to the extraordinary. Working with found materials that he deconstructs and transforms, Takei plays with our perceptions of familiar objects, urging us to look at the everyday from an altered perspective. Expanding upon the early Cubist works of Picasso and Braque, Takei practices the technique of multi-perspective, pushing the papers collés of the Synthetic period even further by making his compositions into…

Courtney Tomchik