Disney zeichnung

Entdecke kreative Disney Zeichnung Ideen, um Kinder zu begeistern und ihre künstlerischen Fähigkeiten zu fördern. Gestalte magische Disney Charaktere mit einfachen Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen.
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Description DO NOT MAKE ME LICK YOUR EAR. Man, that was weird to type. But Pascal is honestly the most amazing animal sidekick ever. I love him. He'll be popping up here and there in drawings in the near future. A lot. He's too adorable not to. I did this a couple months ago in a Tangled-obsessed fit of sorts. I used a reference. I'll happily admit to that. EDIT: Why is this so popular??? EDIT II: This is now my 2nd most faved deviation. I'm both flattered that so many people think this is…

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