Dolph lundgren

Explore the iconic movies and impressive career of Dolph Lundgren, the action hero known for his powerful performances. Discover his best roles and be inspired by his dedication to fitness and acting.
That time Grace Jones tried to ‘kidnap’ Dolph Lundgren from his hotel, at gunpoint | Dangerous Minds

Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren. Photographed by Helmut Newton, 1983. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until I can’t remember that far back—the 80s were a weird, wonderful decade. And a perfect example of how wonderful it was is the unexpected coupling of 6’5” actor Dolph Lundgren and enigmatic Jamaican-born powerhouse, Grace Jones. Born in Stockholm, before he got into acting Lundgren was an accomplished scholar who by the time 1982 arrived had already received a scholarship to…

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