Enhance your birthing experience with the support of a doula. Learn how a doula can provide emotional, physical, and informational support throughout your pregnancy and labor.
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Every doula will tell you that the most important thing she can bring to a birth is her heart, her hands, and her loving presence. But we also carry a doula “bag of tricks” to help comfort, guide, and facilitate labor as needed. Sometimes I use everything in my bag, and sometimes just a few […]

Emily Rose
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Discover the essential role of doulas as the bridge between medical care and emotional support during the transformative journey of childbirth. Doulas provide a continuous presence that nurtures and empowers women, ensuring they feel supported in one of the most profound experiences of their lives.

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Before anyone dismisses midwives as hippy-dippy, it’s worth noting that most are medically-trained and receive credentials after passing rigorous exams through accredited programs. First consider these things if you are thinking of hiring a midwife.