Elder flower

Discover a variety of delicious recipes using elder flowers to add a refreshing twist to your summer meals. Try these recipes and enjoy the unique flavors of elder flowers in your dishes.
Recipe: Elderflower cordial Desserts, Vegan Recipes, Fruit, Snacks, Recipes, Elderflower Cordial, Elderflower, Canning, Recipe

This has to be the most divine cordial ever. I can never make enough of it. You just need a small amount in a glass topped up with water and you'll be in heaven. This is how one writer describes it. Words: Kristina Jensen “The famous cordial... has a unique, almost ethereal quality… suggestive of some mysterious fruit with hints of hay and summer meadows.” INGREDIENTS 20 large elderflower flower heads 4 lemons 1 tsp citric acid 1.5 litres water 1 kg sugar METHOD Zest the lemons, then roughly…