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I have no idea where in France this picture was taken. It sure felt familiar, owing to the fact it reminded me so much of one of Rik Pierce's dollhouses. I sure would love to make it. Though not for my collection, it would be too small. I just think it would be a lot of fun. I even like the color of the green trim. Surely there can't be two doors side by side... Can there? Don't you wonder what is around that bend. I want to see the rest of it! Thank you to Jean-Claude for providing a link…

Woogie Foster
Paseo - n. 1. A leisurely stroll. 2. A place or path designed for walking. 3. A street or boulevard.      A.Word.A.Day (August 8, 2011) Haus, Medieval, Burg, Fotografia, Colmar, German Village, Vosges, German Houses, Ardennes

Eguisheim (German: Egisheim) is a village in the Haut-Rhin département of Alsace, France, notable for, and largely devoted to, producing Alsace wine of high quality. Eguisheim lies a few kilometers south of Colmar. With its cobbled winding streets and its flower-decked traditional medieval half-timbered houses, Eguisheim is one of Alsace's most attractive villages. Who could fail to fall under the spell of this charming village, in which time almost seems to have stood still. The town is…