Fairy garden doors

Create a whimsical and magical outdoor space with these enchanting fairy garden door ideas. Transform your garden into a mystical haven and let your imagination take flight.
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How to Make Fairy Doors/Fairylands and Open Up a Whole New World!: Fairy doors are an opening to another space and time. Fairies are out there, it is just up to us to provide them with homes...we do that by giving them a door, a portal as it were, to their living space. They can live anywhere, but prefer wooded a…

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I have made four different fairy doors so far for my various Fairy Products. I will show you how I made each one. Step by step instructions with photos Fairy Door How To Make a Basic Fairy Door Materials and Tools needed A piece of wood Black acrylic paint 2 different colours of acrylic paint Clear gloss acrylic paint Jigsaw Wood file Ruler I was able to get the wood free because my sister had replaced her old wooden fence. I have many 6 ft by 4 inch wooden slats. Some are warped but most…

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Hobbit Style Fairy Doors for the Home and Garden Ornate Medieval Stone and Brick Work Small Door for the Magical and Mystical Minded This is a doorway to a magical and mystical home! Whether it's a fairy, pixie, or an elf... The decision is yours. Available in 4 designs. Blue:- Height: 8cm Width: 5cm Depth: 2cm Weight 0.05kg Green:- Height: 8cm Width: 5cm Depth: 2cm Weight: 0.05kg Red:- Height: 8.5cm Width: 5cm Depth: 2cm Weight: 0.05kg Pink:- Height: 7cm Width: 5.5cm Depth: 3cm Weight…

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