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Explore the world of macro photography and capture stunning close-up shots with these top ideas. Enhance your photography skills and discover the beauty in the smallest details.
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10 Beautiful Macro Photos—Plus Tips! - Corel Discovery Center

The term “macro photography” is used to describe photography of small objects at larger than life sizes, usually five times or more. While many folks stick to insects and flowers (understandably!) macro photography can be applied to almost anything. Buttons, fabric, water drops, eyes… you name it! Here, we’ll look at 10 beautiful macro photos:…

Barbara Nuñez
Compound Eyes of a Holocephala fusca Robber Fly photo by Thomas Shahan via Lost At E Minor Macro Fotografie, Bug Eyes, Insect Eyes, Macro Photography Insects, Foto Macro, Insect Photos, Photo Macro, Micro Photography, Cool Bugs

Focus Stacking in Photoshop: How to Get Pin Sharp Macro Shots

The HDR trend has come and, for many, gone, but what came of it is the easy-to-digest concept that creating one photograph may actually require several images, then blend them together. For HDR photography it's the need of multiple exposures to compensate for what a digital sensor cannot do on it's own - properly expose both highlights and lowlights in an wide range photograph without sacrifice. With the same concept, focus stacking is also possible. Like HDR, focus stacking comprises of two…

Trish OMalley