French garden design

Transform your outdoor space with the charm and elegance of French garden design. Discover top ideas to create a picturesque and inviting garden that will transport you to the idyllic landscapes of France.
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Southern Home: We think of Versailles when we think of parterre gardens. Is that where they originated? John Mills: It is a common notion that the Parterre originated in the gardens of Versailles. However, parterre gardens were created in the 15th century, and were initially known as “knot gardens.” Versailles, along with its gardens, was […]

Anna Larissa Wells Buchanan
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Southern Home (SH): What is your first memory of being in a garden or loving the outdoors? John Howard (JH): I was born in Savannah, and as a very young child, I remember going to Forsyth Park, which has a beautiful Victorian-era cast-iron fountain, big live oak trees, azaleas, bulbs, all kinds of things like […]

Ludmila Sukh